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Is Reading, Writing or Maths a problem for you or your child?

Then it could be,

"The Gift of Dyslexia"

Your child learns differently and that's fantastic!

All we need to do now is teach them differently using an approach that works for them.


The Davis programs correct many learning difficulties using the natural strengths and talents of the person's thinking and learning style. They use a variety of techniques designed to enhance nonverbal conceptualisation.

All people think in two ways, verbal and nonverbal, however each individual tends to prefer one way over the other. Verbal thought means thinking with the sound of words, it is linear in time and follows the structure of language. Most of the population thinks with sounds and words, and these are the main methods used to teach in the Australian Education System.

Dyslexic people think with pictures of concepts and ideas. Nonverbal thought is evolutionary; the picture grows as the thought process adds more concepts. So it is very difficult for a nonverbal thinker to think with words that they have no picture for, such as the words - "the", "was", "and". When a word is read that does not produce a mental picture, confusion, mistakes and disorientation are often the result for the Dyslexic person.

The Davis programs delivers tools and strategies which lead to the kind of positive change in learning that you want for your child or yourself, and those changes will be there for life.